Diego Pazò – Lucia Burguete


QALBALUM, ced 2022. foto Lourdes de Vicente

QABALUM | Diego Pazó and Lucía Burguete started dancing through different backgrounds -breakdance and rhythmic gymnastics, respectively- before arriving to contemporary dance. They met and started working together studying in La Faktoría Choreographic Center in 2019 -where they learn from masters such as Laura Aris, Marta Coronado, Germán Jáuregi, Thomas Hauert, Mark Tompkins and Thi-Mai Nguyen, among others-. They collaborated in short projects for other choreographers such as Laida Aldaz, Isael Mata or Judith Sánchez while developing their individual careers as performers in other companies such as Daniel Abreu, Antonio Ruz, Jesús Rubio, Led Silhouette, Vicky P. Miranda or Proyecto Larrua. In 2020 they establish their own collective Qabalum and start their own personal work, creating and performing in different festivals both nationally and internationally. They have also been invited to share their practice in workshops around the world such as TRY Dance Program, Festival Dança em Trânsito or Malta Dance Festival.

LITTLE STRATEGIES AGAINST HUMAN PHYSICS is a workshop aimed to bringing the body closer to partnering technique, floorwork and movement research through different tools and practices where imagination, intuition and technical execution come together. Through an energetic journey we will seek to facilitate the malleability of the body both physical and technical, as well as emotional and performative so that communication becomes more fluid while we dance both with other bodies and ours. We propose a challenging environment in which to train attention, commitment to the ideas that are launched into space and development of intelligence and emotionality of the body. In short, a place to find little strategies that allow us to build our dancing skills.