Elena Fokina

former dancer Ultima Vez company/Wim Vandekeybus

Elena Fokina

was born in Russia, Moscow region on the 3rd may 1977. She is a dancer, actress, choreographer and a teacher of contemporary dance. She followed dance training at the University for Culture and the Russian Academy for Theatrical Arts in Moscow. In 1998 she graduates with a choreographer and teacher degree. From 1997 she starts her dancer and actress career working with the Russian Chamber Ballet Moscow. In 2001 Elena joins Ultima Vez dance company, directed by Wim Vandekeybus ( Belgium ) for a long collaboration and a variety of productions together. She participates in the Dance films directed by Wim Vandekeybus “Blush” (2004) , “Here After” (2005). Between 2009 and 2013 she collaborated with director German Jauregui. From 2015 till 2018 she was working as a dancer and teacher for the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm ( Sweden ) participating in the works of Mats Ek, Sasha Waltz, Olivier Dubois, Sharon Eyal. Elena is also directing her own works and she is often giving workshops and contemporary dance training worldwide. In 2016 Elena collaborated with the choreographer Damien Jalet, participating as an actress for the film production “Suspiria”, directed by Luca Guadagnino in which she is playing the role of Olga. Elena is currently living in Genoa/Italy.


Research workshop

When we begin tapping into the fundamental resources within each body, we start to re-discover our natural instinct in movement, movement which comes naturally, expressing a wide range of emotions and desires. Movement conceived as a necessity, as a theatrical act, rather than a form.

Students will be challenged to find their own body language, to make a step forward from the formal way of moving, discovering new physical and acting capacities.

We will also work to discover the many layers involved in partner-work situations like depending on another body, trusting it, controlling and caring for it, giving and receiving impulses, how to approach an outside body.


Class :

The class will focus mainly on the connection with one’s own body, with the understanding of its limits, in order to acknowledge how far one is willing or able to go. Awareness of the skeletal structure, its capability of mobility, its mechanics and directional awareness will help us to explore the space across the floor and through the air. Calmness always being the starting point. Learning to search for resting points during the use of force, power and strength. Reaching freedom when being locked. The natural state of expressions will allow us to find our own unique language, which will lead us towards movement material composed into phrases emphasizing the full range of spatial possibilities coming from the floor to reaching the air above.