German Jauregui

former dancer and rehersal director of Ultima Vez company/Wim Vandekeybus

German Jauregui is a choreographer, dancer and teacher based in Brussels. Since 2021 he collaborates with the company Oester directed by Aida Gabriels. He dances and choreographs the piece “Dance of the seven veils” (2021). He currently choreographs the show “The wild stage” which will premiere in September 2022. In 1998 he joins the company Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus, where he works as a dancer during more than 10 years, in the creation and touring of 8 pieces. Since 2015, he works as a movement assistance and rehearsal director with the same company. In 2007, he starts to develop his own work with the creation of the pieces “Isaac” (2007), “Sunset on Mars” (2009), “Confession” (2013), and Together with the choreographer Antia Diaz, he created “Isaac y Diola” (2016) and “Rassemblement” (2019). As a Guess choreographer he creates the pieces “Testamento” (2010) for the Festival EINCE in Guadalajara (Mexico), “Esbozo” (2010) for the Centro de las Artes in San Luis de Potosí (Mexico), “Tres silencios” (2011) for the company Date Danza in Granada (Spain), «Albatross” (2016) for the collective 605 in Vancouver (Canada). He also collaborated with Loïc Touze, Idoia Zabaleta / Moare danza, Side-Show and He knew Baeyens. In parallel, he teaches workshops internationally



Ultima Vez vocabulary + partnering

During this workshop Ultima Vez vocabulary and Partnering work will be combined. The workshop will consist in a very particular approach to the movement and some of its main physical mechanisms, movement will be will be considered as a theatrical act rather than as a technique. We will study and practice some basic tools and principles, which will allow us to find precision, organicity and the right intention while we dance, as well as to explore different movement qualities and physical states.