Laida Aldaz Arrieta

Co-director of La Faktoria Choreographic Center

Laida Aldaz Arrieta is a multidisciplinary artist and in many cases self-taught, with a special interest in the hybridization of the arts. Her works, focused on the relationship between body and space, are often created in non-scenic spaces, reinterpreting them, endowing them with another meaning and making them scenic. Her curiosity has led her to create, direct and produce works in various artistic fields such as “In Perspective”, “The Room”, “Kirolak”, “Shopping List”, “BS & I”. Throughout her career, she dances with multiple choreographers/artists and teaches classes at international schools and festivals.

She is director of the cultural association “El Trastero Creativo” and “Zinetika Festival”, where the relationships between dance, film and new technologies are explored, and co-director of La Faktoria Choreographic Center.



We are always connected to the floor that´s why it is so important to learn how to use it. Through this work the dancers will explore different possibilities of movement in relationship with the ground, going in and out of it more efficiently. We will explore how to find the points of contact and weightlessness with other bodies. We will learn how to touch and let yourself be touched, using other bodies to move your own.


Site specific

In this workshop, we take to the streets and create within the city. We observe our surroundings and use them as inspiration for our creative activity. We take into account the spatial composition of the city itself to decide where, how and what we want to create. We will make a choreographic composition for a specific place inspired by what the space itself transmits, possesses or lacks.