dancer, choreographer and teacher of dance & feldenkrais method

Sandra Ortega


Sandra spends most of her career in Brussels working as a dancer. She learns, researches and develops new creative formulas and works with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, dance company Rosas and Les Ballets C de la B among others.

Previously as a student at the training studios of PARTS, she deepened her knowledge in different dance techniques such as Release, Flying Low-Passing Through, Axis Syllabus, Contact and Partnering, Improvisation or Choreographic Composition.

She is a certified practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method and has been teaching and facilitating learning through movement, classical and contemporary dance in international collaborations for almost two decades.




With OWN YOUR SHIFT, Sandra Ortega pursues the transmission of strategies and creative tools for the understanding of movement and action. This knowledge, internalised through practice, comes from the experience and training throughout her life as a professional.

It seeks to bring the dancers closer to the action of learning itself, acquiring a deeper knowledge of what elements come into play in the evolution of the movement. How all these elements relate to each other, awareness and consciousness of the bone and muscle structure, breathing, sensations and understanding of one’s own perception; basic concepts that form and accompany the action.

These sessions are influenced by the work of awareness and self-observing of the Feldenkrais method. This method of somatic education is a neuromotor learning system based on neuro plasticity – the innate ability of our brain to change and reprogram itself by forming new neural connections, which will lead the students to expand their range of possibilities, by becoming more aware of their self-image. A way to break habits and find new patterns, new alternatives and ways of doing, which will emerge freely with the purpose of becoming part of the repertoire and personality.