Stefano Mattiello

La Faktoria generation 3

Born in 1998, Stefano started to dance at the early age of 4 in Lucca, Italy.

For the whole adolescence he formed his dance technique in ballet and contemporary dance, followed by the teachers of “Fuoricentro Danza” -managed by Elisabetta Fiorini-.

Completed the studies, Stefano started to seek auditions among the European academies to get part at the end to the first year of “S.E.A.D.”, in Salzburg.

Here he had the chance to work with several choreographers, such as: Vittoria De Ferrari, Edivaldo Ernesto, Eleonore Lachky, Helder Seabra and many others.

After that, he joined “La Faktoria Generation 3” in 2020, headed by Marta Coronado, Carmen Larraz and Laida Aldaz Arrieta.

The same year he had the chance to enter in the professional world, working in the company “Dinamo Danza”, directed by Carmen Larraz and assisting Marta Coronado in the workshops, offered in “Impulstanz” festival.

“I found myself interested in looking for a movement capable of being socially involved and engaged in promoting the act of thinking of each individual.”


Relation between the individual and the space

Following the formation of release, I would propose a class based on seeking the vertical alinement and the relaxation of the articulation in order to find the capabilities of each body.

My personal contribution it would be to find the keys of bringing these principals into the space, breaking the boundaries and finding the freedom of moving -RELATION BETWEEN THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE SPACE-.

At the same time, I’m very interested in working the different types of tension, speed and self awareness.

I’m starting to find interest also in the different limitations of the body, which I find some new doors for the seeking a new way of dancing.