Carmen Larraz

co.Director La Faktoria Choreographic Center


She studied dance in the Dance School of Pamplona and later on she got a scholarship in P.A.R.T., Brussels. She danced for a few years for: Frey Faust, Deja Donne, Rital Brocante, EN-Knap Iztok Kovac, Salva Sanchis, as well as some independent projects with different artists.

She performed with David Zambrano for The Rabbit Project.
In 2013 he created the company Dinamo Danza as a research and creation platform with which she has toured in various international festivals.
Since 2016 he has created and directed Danzad Danzad Malditos, an open air dance festival, supported by Pamplona Council and the Culture Department.
Since 2019, she is co-director together with Laida Aldaz and Marta Coronado of La Faktoria International  Choreographic Center.


Electric body

Starting from the idea that our body constantly generates electrical impulses, during this workshop we will play with the possibility of sculpting with energy through movement.

With choreographic sequences and improvisation tasks that will alternate, we will work with joint mechanics, enhancing the work of tendons as energy generators. The focus is to prepare the body and activate concentration for a dynamic work.
The use of floor work will be an important tool in this workshop, blurring the difference between floor  and vertical work.

The more technical phase will gradually transform into a laboratory part, to work with creation tools developed by the company during the creative process of Elektrical Body, the last production from the company.
Working with choreographic material from this performance, we will play with the idea of ​​generating a magnetic field as a group, and study how this field affects each physical action.