Diego Pazò – Lucia Burguete

La Faktoria generation 1,2,3

QABALUM | Diego Pazó and Lucía Burguete started dancing through different backgrounds -breakdance and rythmics gymnastics, respectively- before ariving to conemproary dance. They meet studying in La Faktoría Choreographic Center in 2019 -where they learn form masters such as Laura Aris, Marta Coronado, German Jáuregi, Thomas Hauert, Mark Tompkins and Thi-Mai Nguyen, among others- and they start working together since then.
They colaborate in short projects for other choreographers like Laida Aldaz, Isael Mata or Judith Sánchez while developing their individual careers as performers in other companies such as Jesús Rubio Gamo, Vicky P. Miranda or Proyecto Larrua.
In 2020 they establish their own collective Qabalum and start their own personal work, creating and performing in Spain while teaching and doing projects to approach citizenship to contemporary dance.

Little strategies against human phisics – Partnering

In our practice as movers and performers, we have learnt and develop -thanks to our masters and partners- different tools to ease the approach to the other body, both physically and emotionally so that the communication gets more fluid while we dance. Little strategies against human physics’ is meant to introduce students to basic tools for encountering and caring of other bodies, working on technique and develope tools for movement in space, specially with the floor. Through different exercises, movement research tasks and sets of material we will also widen imanigation and intuition.